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Home > ResearchChina's innovation is going global: 2014 China innovation survey
China's innovation is going global: 2014 China innovation survey

China's innovation is going global: 2014 China innovation survey

This year's survey includes responses of close to 400 senior executives from leading local and multinational companies in China.

The survey confirmed some of our earlier findings such as the level of Innovation capabilities in China and the key position of China in the global innovation. Besides, this year is the first time that we can clearly discover the importance of innovation for Chinese companies and their executives. Furthermore, the survey also reveals the unique way of Chinese companies in globalizing their Innovation.

Key findings of the study:

China is a global innovation engine. In 2014, two-thirds of MNC executive respondents said that the Chinese competitors they face are just as innovative as or more innovative than they are. That number will likely astound MNC executives outside China.

  • Senior executives spearhead innovation. In China, innovation is the top priority for 42 percent of Chinese companies, compared with 21 percent of MNCs. Faced with the stark truth of “innovate or perish,” Chinese leaders show more personal involvement in and responsibility for innovation than their MNC counterparts.
  • Innovation strategies are different and evolving. The percentage of Chinese companies employing the Need Seekers strategy is well ahead of the global average, which is easy to understand considering the ultracompetitive nature of Chinese market.
  • Chinese companies globalize innovation differently. In the process of globalization, Chinese companies are open-minded and tend to seek collaboration, build capabilities, create networks, and even make acquisitions if necessary. Innovation is the first priority for 31% of Chinese companies in the globalization, compared to 21% of MNCs.
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