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Research Project

Research Project


Project 1:  MBA research project on innovative Chinese companies

The Centre has engaged top CEIBS MBA students in an in-depth research project to indentify how leading Chinese companies innovate, under the direction of the Centre Co-Directors Professors Yip and McKern, and collaborating Professor Weiru Chen. The MBA researchers record company information, score company’s innovativeness on 8 criteria and elaborate details on specific innovations.

Collaborating scholar: Assoc. Prof. Chen Weiru, CEIBS

Project 2:  Innovation processes of multinational companies in China

The Centre is collaborating with participating managers from each of the sponsoring companies to work on 6-month projects, concerned with how MNEs overcome business challenges in China through innovation.
The research projects focus on: how innovation happens in their companies at each of 3 stages of innovation within the company: idea generation, product development and commercialisation.
The project also considers what special characteristics of the Chinese environment influence each stage of the innovation process and what innovations have been successfully applied outside China.

Collaboration: An Innovative Cooperative Research Model
Each sponsor assigns 2-3 Innovation Associates on a part time basis to work with CCI on 6-month projects.  11 Associates in 2011-12.
There will be six rounds of projects with different Associates throughout a 3-year period.  

Project 2B:  How Multinationals can accelerate speed of Innovation in China
This project will focus on case studies of MNCs to understand current practices in their innovation activities in China, the constraints to speedy innovation, and actions for improvement.

Collaboration: Hester Boomgaard (DSM); M.Fin. candidate

Project 3: Reverse globalisation of innovation activities and organisation

This study focuses on how multinational companies’ innovation activities in China affect the overall global strategy and organisation of innovation activities, especially, but not restricted to, R&D, from the viewpoint of headquarters managers.
Participating companies will be innovation-intensive, leading multinational companies that are headquartered in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. We are recruiting 10 to 20 participating companies.

Collaborating scholars: Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke; Dr. Nadine Roijakkers, Hasselt University, Belgium

Project 4: Effectiveness of R&D Centres in China
Purpose is to understand the determinants of the effectiveness of R&D centres in China, using a collaborating researcher’s proprietary database that has both qualitative and quantitative data on a very large number of R&D centres.

Collaborating scholars: Prof. Max Von Zedtwitz, GLORAD Research Center, Tongji University;  Asst. Prof. Mark Greeven, Zhejiang University School of Management 

Project 5: Technology Creation by Foreign Companies in China
The focus of this project will be on large corporations, --multinationals --  that have already developed innovating facilities in China, with two research strands, which should be of interest for MNCs and Chinese policy makers:
1. Other research has identified factors necessary for technology creation at a given place. This project aims to identify attributes of relevance to MNEs in the Chinese context.  
2. A second strand is the drivers within the MNC for undertaking R&D activities in China and the management challenges regarding people, intellectual property rights, and knowledge flows between headquarters and subsidiaries. 

Collaborating scholar: Prof. Dominique Jolly, SKEMA Business School, France

Project 6: China Innovation by Japanese companies
Collaborating scholar: Assistant Professor Kangyong Sun, Hitotsubashi University 

Project 7: Strategy&-CCI innovation survey  
Collaboration: Strategy (Formerly Booz&)

Project 8: How China changes MNCs
Collaboration: ?What If! Lin Su, Yita Chng

Project 9:  Open Innovation 
Collaboration: Dr. Yongqin Zeng, Philips  

Project 10: Best Innovator Award
Collaboration: ATKerny

Project 11: Innovation Capability Project
Collaborating scholar: Prof. Hanming Chng, Prof. Shad Morris (BYU)

Project 12: Accenture Study on Performance Effects of Innovation  
Collaboration: Accenture