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Prof. Yip Speaks on China Innovation at Plenary of AIB Annual Conference in New Orleans


AIB 2016 Conference Theme Plenary

Global Innovation: The Next Frontier for International Business?
June 28, 2016, 10:45–12:00, Napoleon AB


                  Yves Doz
                    Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation, INSEAD
                  Kathleen Eisenhardt
                    Stanford W. Ascherman, M.D. Professor, Stanford
                  Vijay Govindarajan
                    Coxe Distinguished Professor at Tuck & Marvin Bower Fellow at Harvard
                  George Yip
                    Professor, CEIBS, China & Professor, Imperial College, London
                  Charles Dhanaraj
                    Professor of Strategy and Global Leadership, IMD Switzerland


AIB 2016 brings together four top scholars who have pioneered cutting edge research on innovation frontiers each from a unique vantage point. Together they cover the globe, bringing in data from USA, Europe, and Asia. Between them, they cover a wide range of questions from fundamentals of innovation process and methodological nuances to practices and coordination challenges of MNEs in Europe, US and Japan. They have explored new innovation approaches pursued by MNEs in the two mega markets, India and China, as well as the pursuits of the new multinationals in these markets. Between the four, they have published more than a dozen top selling books.
Global innovation is a 21st century phenomenon, having evolved over the decades through the dispersion of the innovation activities of the MNEs. IB scholars remember fondly Ray Vernon’s pioneering work on product life cycle theory. But, we stand at the threshold of potentially a techtonic shift in innovation frontiers, triggered by the intersection of globalization, technology, migration, and the new clout of emerging markets. On the one hand, some have dismissed the shift as an empirical anomaly, and on the other hand, some see it as an existential threat to the West, which has led the innovation frontiers for decades, if not centuries.
The panel will set in perspective truth and hype, sift facts from fiction. Is global innovation really happening? And if so, what is its dimensionality and implication to organizations and society at large? How can we as Academy advance new knowledge in this space.

2016 AIB Conference           New Orleans, LA            June  27-30