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Philips HQ Hosts CEIBS Innovation Talk

May 30, 2016. Amsterdam – Opening the CEIBS ‘Innovation Talk’ held today at Royal Philips headquarters in Amsterdam, the company’s  Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Denise Haylor noted that entrepreneurship and innovation have played a key role in the development of both organisations. The event featured research findings from the CEIBS Centre on China Innovation, which is sponsored by Philips along with three other Dutch multinationals, AkzoNobel, Shell, and DSM. The findings are collected in the new book China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation, written by Professors George Yip and Bruce McKern.


Haylor, who is also a Royal Philips Global Board member, said she has been delighted that the relationship with CEIBS and Philips started more than 20 years ago and is still going strong, and she remarked on how Philips and CEIBS have changed significantly in that time. Philips is a diversified health and well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of healthcare and consumer lifestyle. Just last week Philips Lighting listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. Haylor also pointed out CEIBS’ milestones in globalisation, including its programmes in Africa which began in Accra, Ghana in 2010, and the launch of its campus in Zurich, Switzerland in 2015.


Frans Greidanus, former CTO Philips Asia and Head of R&D Philips China, introduced the CEIBS Centre on China Innovation, and thanked Annette Nijs, CEIBS Executive Director Global Initiative, for her ingenuity and perseverance in convincing Philips and the other Dutch multinationals to support the centre back in 2010. 


The Co-Director of the Centre, CEIBS Professor of Strategy George S. Yip, and CEIBS Visiting Professor of International Business Bruce McKern, who was previously a Centre Co-Director, then presented some of the research findings from their new book. They explained that there have been three different waves of innovation that have driven China’s epic economic transformation over the past three decades: (1) from copying to ‘fit for purpose’; (2) from followers to world standard and (3) from seeking new resources to seeking new knowledge. They provided practical examples from their numerous case studies to illustrate the development of China along these waves of innovation, and explained how China’s new innovation edge — the 4C’s of customers, culture, competitive capabilities and cash —will be the basis for creating world-class products and services to meet the challenges of a new era of global competition. They concluded the CEIBS ‘Innovation Talk’ by providing 10 crucial insights that companies can learn from China, including bold experimentation and rapid iteration, using creative adaptation and focusing on ‘lean value’ design.