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Innovation Perspectives

Playing a trump card in global business

Innovation may well turn out to be China's next big advantage

For the last 120 years, customer preferences of Americans have largely dictated the taste and looks of the chocolates and sweets made by Hershey Co of Pennsylvania, the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America. But as Hershey sets up a new innovation center in Asia, there are early indications that Chinese preferences will soon have a say in the final product mix.

George Yip, co-director of the Shanghai-based CEIBS Centre on China Innovation, says that in the next couple of years, China can indeed become a global innovation hub. "But in China, people always talk about being the No 1, so it is still a long way off," Yip says, adding that it depends on individual industries. "In the next decade, China will be one of the top innovation hubs for labor and engineering intensive sectors, such as telephones, in which China has already done a lot of work."

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