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Business Strategies in China

A new book Business Strategies in China ("Stratégies d'Entreprise en Chine") by CCI collaborating Professor Dominique Jolly is to be published on 31th May, 2013.
Summary: Our vision of China needs to be renewed. The country has now a legal framework increasingly closer to international standards. The Chinese national innovation system is much more effective than it was so that it now threatens Western technological capabilities in some areas. The development of international energy and raw materials procurement of Chinese companies to cover the resource voracity of the Chinese industry, but also the first take-overs of foreign companies by Chinese firms, give a fantastic boost to many economies. Yet, these good news come also with some clouds: the cracks in Chinese society, the dark side and the political challenges that the former Middle Kingdom is facing are all significant concerns that business leaders from the West must take into account. Building on the analysis of several real case studies, this book provides an overview of the opportunities and threats of the Chinese environment for foreign companies.

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