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Innovation Perspectives
  • Firms Pivot in China on Rise of Urban Consumers

    A Wall Street Journal article “Firms Pivot in China on Rise of Urban Consumers” quoted Prof. McKern’s comments on MNCs’ dilemma in China.

  • Change while you're ahead

    CCI Co-director Prof. George Yip published "Change while you're ahead" on China Economic Review furnishing lessons for the strategic transformation of Chinese enterprises.

  • China wakes up to innovation

    The Chinese government has seriously pushed the move to focus less on low cost manufacturing, in the value chain, in order to get more high value portion of goods and activities into China.

  • What China’s five-year plan means for business

    McKinsey analyzed the potential impact on 33 industries. Two dimensions stood out: the plan’s effect on profit pools and on the competitive landscape

  • A CEO’s guide to innovation in China

    Dynamic domestic players and focused multinationals are helping China churn out a growing number of innovative products and services. Intensifying competition lies ahead; here’s a road map for navigating it.

  • Strategic Transformation: Changing While Winning

    Today's global marketplace offers opportunities for fast growth, but a winning strategy over the long term raises a special challenge: how to make major strategic changes while maintaining high levels of performance.

  • China Offers A Taste of R&D to Come

    Multinationals have conducted R&D in China for years, while such activities were often scattered. Now China is offering a taste of R&D.

  • THE GLOBAL INNOVATION 1000-Making Ideas Work

    Booz & Company's annual study of R&D spending reveals that successful innovators bring clarity to a process often described as fuzzy and vague.