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Since 2012, CEIBS Center on China Innovation (CCI) has set up a bimonthly CEIBS China Innovation Forum (CCIF) that is open to both Chinese and foreign Multinational companies. This Forum provides a platform to share best practices and challenges, brainstorm on the solutions, feedback the results and evolve the solution again.
Special aspects of this Forum include the following:
1. It is run by a business school – so we will have guidance, structure and written output.
2. We will involve Chinese as well as foreign companies, to the mutual benefit of both.
3. Members will be business unit director-level because our focus is on the practical side.
    We will help to create a regular network for director-level people across companies.
4. We will create a micro-ecosystem that nurtures talent and leadership. Our forum will be a starting point for this


The China Innovation Forum meets once every two months from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., followed by networking drinks and snacks in a location in Shanghai and Beijing.

At each meeting, members share their experience on the designated topic of the day. The meetings are conducted in English. Each meeting will begin with a short lecture by a CEIBS professor or outside expert, sometimes a Forum member, on the topic of the day.

The meetings will be chaired by George Yip or Jian Han, Professors at China Europe International Business School and Co-Directors of the CEIBS Centre on China Innovation. Associate Professor Daniel Chng of CEIBS will also participate, as might other faculty invited by the Forum chairmen. After each meeting, we will provide members with a summary (in electronic or written form) of the discussion.


Members are able to share inside their companies what they have learned, although they should not identify comments and practices from individual companies.

Other Output 

Based on the discussion and ideas generated in the forum, Professors Han and Yip may publish articles and books related to innovation topics. These publications will not identify individual members or companies unless written permission is obtained for specific quotes or references.
Members agree that they themselves will not publish the results of the Forum discussions.


The Forum is administered by Wing Wang, Manager, CEIBS Centre on China Innovation.
TEL: +86 21 2890 5136
Office: Room 426, Faculty Building, 699 Hong Feng Road, Shanghai, PRC, 201206